CMS In WordPress

Almost everyone needs a little hand-holding in the early stages of learning web technologies — save yourself hours of frustration and missed opportunity by getting the help you need from the get-go.

WordPress is a content management system that powers many of the most popular sites on the web. It allows you to easily customize the look of your site with themes, extend the functionality with plugins, and easily edit your content by just logging in and using their intuitive interface to add more content to your site or edit existing sites. Our courses are for small business owners, self-employed professionals, social media marketers, virtual assistants, traditional (HTML-based) webmasters… anyone who wants to learn how to create professional WordPress websites that sell.

'Quite simply, we have been teaching these courses for 3 years to hundreds of satisfied students, and nobody does this better than we do. We offer a complete package of Training + Support + Software that is expressly designed to get you everything you need to professionally design WordPress websites. Save yourself a ton of time and money by not having knowledge of website development and sell these custom websites for whatever the market will bear.'

The course is for everyone who wants to learn web technologies for the purpose of developing business on the internet. In addition to the fundamentals, you will get a very thorough overview of WordPress functionality, useful tools and plugins, and in-depth reviews of many popular themes and theme frameworks, both free and commercial. We also have full session on search-engine optimization, mailing lists and shopping carts, WordPress ecommerce and membership systems, and video production and distribution.